How To Build Wealth

Everyone has a get-rich-quick scheme that will make you a millionaire in a minute. But whether it’s crypto or a side hustle, all of these plans leave you wondering, “Are they really as foolproof as they seem?” Michael Girdley lays out his own plan for growing wealth. It is not quick or easy, but if getting rich was easy, everyone would do it.

Michael Girdley is a highly successful businessman with over 25 years of experience using small businesses to earn big returns. He lays out what he thinks is the best way to start growing your wealth. Whether your net worth is zero or a million dollars, these are five steps to start building wealth now:

Step 1: ($0-100k) You’re just starting out. Probably with a job that pays OK. Live beneath your means. Save a ton, about 12 months of living expenses, in cash, so you can safely start a business in the next step.

Step 2: ($100k-250k) Cash Flow. The best investing ROI here is a business you start. Pick one type with a proven model and little capital upfront. Like an agency, brokerage, productized service, etc. If needed, do it as a side hustle until you can quit your job.

Step 3: ($250k-1M) Your goal now is to reinvest in your primary business. Grow it. Be all-in. Invest in joining a CEO peer group. Reinvest in your business to grow as long as ROI is high. Keep the rest in cash.

Step 4: ($1M-10M) Your business cash flows well now. If it’s a services business, maybe it can’t get bigger. Invest where you can compound for long periods (20x+ returns) to hit the next level. Things like product businesses or high variance RE.

Step 5: ($10M+) Be Antifragile. Some of those bets hit! Your goal now is to be unkillable. This means diversification:

· Buy cash flow real estate (directly or as LP)

· Own big percentages of other businesses, and

· Public equities

By following these steps, you have a guide to building wealth.

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