Get rich quick schemes work for the people selling the schemes. For the rest of us, we need to think long-term.

I’ve learned a lot listening to rich people talk to other rich people about the process of getting and staying rich. And most of the content on this site comes from listening to and implementing these ideas.

Moses Kagan writes to teach the business of Real Estate Private Equity to early and mid-career general partners. Here is a link to his blog  and his Twitter

What I got from Moses and am passing along here is the importance of generational thinking. It is not the main thing he talks about or his most important financial calculation. There are some important ideas to learn about valuing a stream of income or unlevered yield on cost. But all of these are subservient to the idea of compounding over time.

It is ok not to know what those words mean. A few years ago I had no idea either.

But generational thinking allows you to get away from the dead-end of chasing how do I make a buck today or get rich in 6-months. Once you get ambitious for opportunities that will pay off for decades you have a mindset shift that will set you up for success.

I have learned a lot by following generous people on Twitter, reading blogs, and book recommendations.

This site is designed to share some of those resources. In doing so, I like to imagine some little kid 50 years from now benefiting from something I passed along on here. 

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