Chris Powers

Chris Powers is the founder of Fort Capital which invested almost $2 billion dollars in Texas real estate, primarily industrial.  

I met him on TWITTER, and listened to most of his podcast episodes THE Fort Podcast HERE.

He talks a lot about private equity but the most valuable lesson I’ve used in shaping my #ownstuff mentality is his answer to the question, “When is enough, enough?” Chris’ repeated answer is a question, “How big of an impact do you want to have?”

I achieved the highest levels in my career and my financial goals were focused on providing for my family and retirement. Great wealth was never a goal. And everyone I knew who focused on money was miserable.

Chris helped reframe my thinking and balanced with another answer shapes my #ownstuff mentality. @sullybusiness asked, “In ONE WORD, what separates the happy from the unhappy?”

Chris Powers answered content.

Is it possible to be content and relentlessly push for more? If the answer is simply more dollars, I do not think so. But if you understand that the world needs more of you. Not all of you- because you and I know there is a bunch of ugly that no one sees. But the best of you? Yeah, the world needs more of that.

Wealth allows you to magnify your impact. Dollars will not make anyone good or bad. But the world could use more good people, with more money to magnify their impact.

I hope this site helps.

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